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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

God is the real homie, the real og, the real bff, the real partner in crime, the real got yo back type of vibe. The heavenly being literally always, I mean always comes through. His magnificent ways always, I mean always amaze me. And I always have a back story, intro before intro. That’s just it, so much to share so little time lol. Okay, with that out the way. My two newest friends, an adopted mentor, and an adopted prayer warrior (partner) were apart of a single’s summit - in bermuda!! I was trying to remain as humble as possible but I really was like yo God, you’re like really doing your thing. Just when I didn’t even think there were any ‘real’ God lovers in my home country, and rather any spiritually led events to attend - there was a $99 one were I said hmmm how am I going to work this one. Then I said hmmm I AM NOT - because I am faithful that God wants me there 1. Because I wouldn’t be feeling all the goodness of the holy spirit saying wait on me; and 2. Because that’s literally just my life (the season i’m in fo real - and I love it! More on this later).

The Singles Summit. Nothing short of phenomenal. It was an intimate vibe, beautiful location, and full of tranquil souls. I had turned up prior to attending with Kanye’s 30 minute album (being all the time I had) I have titled, Jesus is Lord. I mean I was jamming, jamming before this summit - just because. It was actually also the first day of my worship groups fast for the new year. I was just excited about life, as per usual. I was truly glad God did his thing. I didn’t pay for it. And actually worked up the courage to ask my Godly given bestfriend to purchase it with a pretty please. As simple as that he say’s sure no problem - send me the link. I began to dance of course and worship instantly. That was a monday when I realized the event was approaching, though my faith could not right it off. I had just paid for my bike to be licesenced, while praying to have income the upcoming week. And of course it. All. worked. Out. Like everything. More to be told…

Sorry, back to the conference. God created us intricately and uniquely to the core. We each have special gifts, talents, qualities, personalities. He is perfect. He makes no mistakes. To say it is one thing. To know it is another. To truly believe it, and value it is a game changer. We must faithfully appreciate who we are before Good. We must faithfully appreciate our purpose which God designed us for. We must faithfully appreciate being single, and by appreciate, I mean OWN this season, OWN your purpose. And honestly this season and the next. Whether married or not, we must always understand who we are before God. Godfidence is necessary. Having a partner will not override this necessity. We must always live on purpose, individually - married or unmarried.

The ladies and gents were dropping pure bars/gems/lyrics. You really had to have been there because it was definitely an experience. I leave you with, exemplify the values you desire in your spouse, execute your purpose during each season, wait on God no matter what because his plans far exceed yours. His thinking is exceeds, exceeds our thinking.

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