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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

January 14, 2020 |

Ahhhhhhhh. What an amazing spirit led worship service last evening. Being spirit led is such a refreshing phenomenon. The spirit was flowing and my head was nodding to every bar dropped (lyric/quote/word) that was shared. My heart was being filled while my spirit was being lifted. The power of making a decision. Hm. This hit deep.

The power of making a choice. Take a moment to digest this.

“There is power in making a decision,” shared Langre. The words power and decision together were a revelation in itself for me. These words led me to self evaluate? Is God my decision? Is Jesus my choice? It the Holy spirit my portion? I encourage you to ask yourself, who and what are your decisions sourced from?

Is your will to do God’s will? I encourage you to also speak your alignment. What values do you align yourself with? What’s your source? Who is your source? Our lives are purposeful. Our lives are beautiful. Our lives are intricately and wonderfully made. Our lives are mysteriously complex, marvelously breathtaking - God’s words. Do you believe that they are so? Do you believe that you are marvelously breathtaking? I do - God does - and so should you. And the only fulfilling source for marvelously breathtaking lives is the big G - O - D.

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