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Our SOLful Story

Nutritional | Spiritual | Emotional | Physical


Our life is a precious gift from God, may we treasure our gift. May we treasure our mind, body, soul. May we take care of our mind, body, soul.

Life in Mexico

I was exposed to an abundance of juicy, delicious, flavorful organic fruits + vegetables from the farm (jardin) of my host family.

Life in Canada

I was exposed the the richness + goodness of God's love. I embraced God's word and fearfully, wonderfully began my wellness journey.

Life in Israel

The purest, sweetest place. I was literally exposed to heaven on earth. After years of trial + error, I was determined to taste + experience all the goodness of the Lord, with a strong pursuit of seeking peace, love and strength.

Life in Bermuda

After 10 years of discovery, I decided to begin seed planting the joys of life with my original loved ones in my beautiful island home (Matthew 28:18-20). The rest is HIS STORY.

Entrepreneurial [SOL] Story


SOL was birthed in the sweet island of Bermuda, and is deeply and lovingly rooted. SOL was conceived mentally for some time, though in 2017 her Godly sent mentor physically challenged her to physical, “start now, start small.” Those words were a sweet melody to her ears, as they ignited a flame that had been longing to be lit. Godincidence, her mentor’s wife became her first client. As the pair completed their first session at John Smith’s Bay Bermuda, they embraced the atmosphere, including the sounds of waves washing the shore as the name SOL | Spirit Of Love was discovered.

SOL consults with + coaches people to enjoy exercising, by looking good, feeling better. She will guide others with fitness etiquette, encouraging unconditional love for their body.

Proverbs 3:17-18 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her. And happy are all who retain her.

Ranae Kai , Founder of SOL

Coach | Stretchologist | Nutritionist

Author | Speaker


Nutritional | Spiritual | Emotional | Physical

Professional [Founder of SOL] Story

Ranae Kai’s educational career includes travel, business management, and entrepreneurship. Her passion for this realm is pursuing health. She is encouraged by helping others and leading with integrity. Healthy living has been a beautiful journey that she is excited to share with the world.


Her focus today is to plant seeds of peace, confidence, and guidance to her SOL community. Today, she is full of joy to present SOL Wellness. She is fuelled with a spirit of love and desire to spread these seeds in abundance while focusing on

peace and strength.

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