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"I am so glad I found SOL Wellness. Ranae's wholeness approach to fitness is outstanding. I have relief from various ailments such as hip pain and neck strain.

Ranae’s positive spirit and aura are a true testament to her passion for seeing her clients healthy, solid, and at optimal physical health. I leave every session encouraged and more knowledgeable on how I can have a strong functioning body. My posture has also improved. 


If you don't like exercising or are an elite athlete, I encourage all to consider and utilize the SOL athletic fitness and stretching services."

- Sheri Scott

"This evening I tuned into SOL's 2020 Healthy Game Plan. I am extremely happy I did because I know that I need to focus more on God, myself, my health & wellbeing. I also want to connect more with others who are on the same path as I am. #BetterMe.

- Coyshea Fox

"I always wanted to try a personal trainer and felt so grateful to have met Ranae and start her stretching program, Ranae taught me the importance of stretching and strengthening the areas around my injuries. After her sessions I always felt stronger and more motivated to workout the next session. Training with Ranae has been the highlight of my week. Ranae is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable in what she does. Thank you Ranae for what you do, it makes such a difference." 

- Penelope Butterfield

"Happy for the Experience


I was happy to join the SOL Healthy Game Plan Webinar. I was able to reset and rethink personal health goals with Ranae provided realistic methods of maintaining my goals for 2020. Her advice was concrete and sincerely delivered with various choices that could be accomplished in simplistic steps. I have incorporated her advice for daily health regiments and I am starting to feel better already."

- Tamisha Jernigan

"Ranae has been helping my daughter Laura Repose who has special need with stretching class.

Her joy and love for her job has been an immediate communion with Laura.

I was very impressed with her compassion, skills, and knowledge. Very quickly Laura was hooked and looking forward for her class. I could see Laura's posture and strength improvement after classes with Ranae.


I look forward to classes on our beautiful, scenic beach." 

- Laura's Mom, Sylvie Repose

"You have me pumped girl, thank you so much for following the calling and dream that God has planted in you. I needed this. My words this year are love & disciple which I had established before this webinar but this just laid great groundwork for me to dig into those words with real goals and I statements this year. Thank you thank you thank you. Love you girl, so proud of you. Stay radiant!"

- Bria Holness

"Ranae has been excellent. I didn't know the significance of stretching daily [especially as a young adult] before I tried my first specialized SOL stretching session, and I must say after each session my body feels more amazing."

- Kori Hypolite

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