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January 28, 2020 | 5:42pm

Loving you is extremely , incredibly , undeniably important. Like truly loving you, your individual, beautiful, bountiful bold self. Loving your pure personality, loving your true character, loving your unique features, loving your special personality. Loving your perfect differences — essential to the well being.

Bathing is too super super super super important. Taking time for self, resting your mind, embracing your stillness. I’m so grateful for balance and relaxation.

Bathing to me means to relax, to be still. Bathing is pure, bathing is special, bathing is angelic. Bathing allows you to relax your mind, your soul, your body. A lavender , lemon soy infused candle, and most importantly God’s gospel add the utmost value to this experience. This experience allows you to unwind and disconnect, while enjoying time for self.

As I write God is doing His thing, His Holy Spirit is instructing and guiding my words as I had no interest in sharing at this present time. Though because I love God, I bow. Know now that obedience is an understatement (I’ll be sure to address this at a later date). My voice is a gift. My biggest disobedience is when God says to share, as I rather share later (though later hardly happens as He is always revealing so many gems with me, daily).

Today marks 48 hours since the passing of Kobe (yes I think I played marbles with him). I think I am Nipsey’s second cousin. And I think I am apart of Lebron’s barbershop crew. I think Tiphani Montgomery is my ace girl. I think many ceo’s, leaders are my homies. I aspire to know them, learn from them, and execute Godly strategy as I admire them. I smile as I reflect knowing the legendary lives that inspired, and legacies live on, as well as who inspire so many souls. It's simply, beautiful.

SOL’s message: life is real. What are you doing to embrace all of life’s goodness. God loves you deeply all he desires is for you to love him. Lost is natural, death is natural, mourning is natural. God assures us, yet we continue to consume our live’s with ungodliness resulting in pain, insecurity, hurt, pain, greed, the list goes on.

Yes this message went on a whole preacher mode because I desire for you to be whole. God is your true love, your true wholeness. I love you and am here to listen and speak life to you. Seeking deliverance, baptism is a beach away, a bath tub away. Read the word, the Bible. Try it. Pray for clarity as you read your first verse, chapter, gospel, book. You got this. God got you, I promise.

The inspiration behind this post is a four year old child I have not met. One who lovessssss Jesus God, the Bible, and learning all about God’s holly spirit that lives within us if we allow. This child of God humbly, joyfully preaches to his neighbors, and shares God’s grace with his parents. His parents are not God believers though their child seeks to be read the Bible to nightly. He is hungry for God, he is bold about God, he is inspired by God.

I smile at God because he is so funny ahh as in how this revelation became about in sharing and his method of reaching us. Maybe initially you wouldn’t not understand as our thoughts are not God’s — he’s are supreme. As hurt, sad, and broken as we may be — he honestly didn’t want that for you. You’ll understand as you truly embrace his love, wisdom, goodness, kindness, and perfection.

Knowing that you have life and you’ll have death, what will you take from this reading? Will you emulate Kobe’s greatness? Will you strive to create positive vibes? Will you recognise God’s power and appreciate your gift of life? The Bible, baptism, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, game changerssssssssssss.

In Jesus mighty name. May God’s precious, perfect will continue to be done.

The path is narrow

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